UNDER is where you can buy products designed by me, Kristian Aus.

I like to design things that are fun and original. I strive to bring you objects that are well designed and at a price that everyone can afford.

I try to innovate at every stage of the process, from conception to manufacturing. Sometimes the products you see on UNDER will have innovation that is hidden in the manufacturing process. Sometimes the innovation is part of a new aesthetic that hasn't been seen before.

Everything I sell is made in small batches.  This is to reduce waste and to keep my manufacturing footprint small. To keep prices affordable, my products are designed around the industrial processes that I can access in Sydney, Australia. Everything we currently sell is made in Sydney by my favourite factory-folk, or by me. Absolutely everything is designed by me and even packaged and posted by me. So if something isn't right, or you have a question, just ask and I will try to help :)

Sometimes products will cycle in and out of the UNDER store as they are superseded or retired from the lineup. This is to keep the options fresh and interesting. 

I also design products for other people through my design consultancy Autumn. Get in touch if you would like a custom product. I always like to try out new things!